Some Great Websites and Forums for Mixing Music

I don’t consider myself a professional mix engineer by any stretch of the imagination but I think I am well beyond the beginning stages.  That said, I still am learning a heap of new techniques and strategies, the more that I work at it.  On this journey of self discovery, I have found 3 sites that I think deliver some really great mixing techniques for the home studio owner and even a professional project studio.



1. Pensados Place

I of course had to mention Pensados Place because Dave really is a truly gifted mix engineer and besides that he is giving away a lot of his knowledge for free.

2. Home Recording Studio

This site is really cool because it’s basically like a directory where all the information is there for you to explore.  If you are a beginner you will get familiar with all the audio terms that you need to know.

3. Modern Mixing

I aboslutely love this site when it comes to learning about mixing because that’s all he really focuses on.  He gives some golden nuggets about recording advice and the improtance of capturing good recordings but for the most part its all about mixing.  Go check it out.

4. Home Recording Weekly

Out of the 3, this is probably my least favourite only because the site is riddled with affiliate links.  But if you can get past all of that then there are some really cool tips in there to find.  Happy Searching!



1. Avid Pro Tools

This is of course made for the Pro Tools platform but non the less there is some really great info in there.

2. Cocks (Reaper)

This forum was created for Reaper user but oddly enough, like the Pro Tools forum there is a tone of great information to learn outside of Reaper.

3. Gearslutz

Argueably this is probably the most popular forum on line in regards to anything that has to do with recorded music.  Go nuts, but be warned that this is is filled with MAJOR EGOS.