Some Good Videos on Mixing Vocals

Here’s a collection of great videos that I have found on mixing vocals.  Now I know that when it comes to mixing vocals it can be a pretty convoluted subject so I tried to add as many different samples as possible from many different DAW’s so that you can sort of put the pieces together yourself.

In my opinion there is really 4 essential things you need to consider when mixing vocals.

  1. Cleaning up the vocals
  2. Controlling the dynamics
  3. Enhancing the performance
  4. Adding some ambiance

If you can figure out those 4 steps then you are well on your way.

Some of these ideas in the following videos are basic and some of them are more advanced but either way they will get you started in figuring out those 4 points.

For more solid advice go and check   They have a really good step-by-step guide on mixing vocals.  I read through the entire post and it honestly is really well laid.  There are a couple of things in there that I would never have thought of but at the same time, there are things that I would have added to it.



In this Reason Tips video Mattias gives you some valuable pointers on mixing vocals. Since vocals are often what carries the track, it’s important to get them sitting right in the mix! Learn about doubling, compression and parallel processing to make sure your vocals sound great!


FL Studio

FL Studio vocal mixing tutorial best ever


In this video I will be covering some of the basics of Mixing and Mastering with Fl Studio. Included are segments of basic compression of vocals, basic equalizing of vocals and stero shaping of vocals. All the plugins used in the video are basic plugins that come with Fl Studio for free. No additional download is required after the purchase of Fl Studio.


Pro Tools

In this video find out what tricks are used to tighten up vocals so that an entire track is much tighter and cohesive. This session includes the use of editing, mixing, panning, compressors, eq and reverb.

In this video Russ shows some work flows for getting a vocal to sit better in a mix using Pro Tools.