Using Mono Vocal Delays in Your Mixes

You might be finding that your stereo delays are getting lost in the mix amongst your other tracks or maybe like your delays and reverbs are taking away any sense of depth and clarity to your mixes.  Why not try a mono delay?

Just One Location

The wonderful thing about am one delay is that is locked into one location.  It can delay forever (if you want it to) but it will only be in that one specified location.   This allows you to keep the clarity in your mixes while also giving you ambiance and space.

Multiple Instances

Another cool thing about using a mono delay is that you can use multiple instance and place them through the stereo spectrum.  Talk about a REALLY wide and ambient space you will be creating.

The premise is that you place a delay on the right side, one on the left side and maybe one in the center.  Of course, this is just a start as you can really place them wherever you want.  A plugin that comes to mind for doing this easily is the Waves Supertap.  It’s super flexible and allows you to do multiple instances.

Check out this video from the recording revolution where he talks more about the mono delay process.